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Third International Competition Voice & Guitar

presented by the Voelklinger Energiestiftung in cooperation with the City of Voelklingen and Kultur & Gitarre

march 7th until 9th 2008


The Competition

The competition is aimed at duos performing in the manner of „Joe Pass and Ella Fitzgerald“ or „Tuck and Patti“ and duos representing international songs from different styles like Jazz, Latin, Folk, Pop or special arrangements from “good international songs” should apply.

The recorded music will be reviewed and a preselection will be made. A maximum of 20 duos will be accepted to take part in the competition. There is no age limit. The winners will be identified during the course of two rounds. Each duo will be allowed a maximum of 15 minutes to be on stage. The performance of the tracks themselves must not exceed 10 minutes. The performances must include one guitarist and one singer. Any additional instruments or background music is prohibited. Live “Loops” and hand percussions are allowed. The songs presented in the second round must differ from the songs of the first round. The competition performances will be in public. Duets will have a PA System and a Sound Technician at their disposal.


The application documents must include:

  • Application Form  

  • Personally recorded musical material with at least two tracks of different characters

  • Photograph of the duo

Please send the documents to the following address:

Voice and Guitar
Dietmar Kunzler
Mittelstrasse 69a
66126 Saarbruecken

Application Deadline was 31st December 2007.

The decision of the preselection jury will be made by 04th February 2008. Their decision is final. With the application, participants taking part in the competition acknowledge the conditions as well as the jury’s decision as binding. Any legal action is excluded. Please note that application documents and data files may not be returned.

Further information

The Prizes

1. Prize

3.000 €

2. Prize

2.000 €

3. Prize

1.000 €

4. - 8. Prize

each   500 €

kindly donated by the Energy Foundation Voelklingen.

"Kultur &Gitarre"

„Kultur & Gitarre“ is an association for the promotion of music culture and guitar music and is based in the Saarland area (Germany). Their ambition is to encourage the guitar music in all its different styles, whether it’s classical music or folk, flamenco, jazz, blues or rock and they see themselves as a forum for contacts, ideas and experiments. In this way, ties are established between professional musicians, amateurs and guitar music lovers.

Various concerts-series are organised by „Kultur & Gitarre“ („Carbon & Stahl“, „Gitarre grenzenlos“), a monthly guitar matinee, competitions („Voice & Guitar“, "Gitarrentrios / Gitarrenquartette") and they offer workshops with different subjects around the guitar, not taught at music schools and colleges.

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